At Beoga Nutrition, we use a range of tools to assess and identify potential health and nutritional imbalances and understand how these may be contributing to an individual’s symptoms.

Nutrients can influence the function of the body, protect against disease, restore health, and determine people’s response to changes in the environment. An individual’s diet and lifestyle can be a serious risk factor for a number of symptoms and health concerns.

Our job is to help you include the foods that will nourish you and help you feel better. A healthy diet means different things to different people, it is as unique as you are.

Our aim is to provide solutions that will help to eliminate these symptoms and achieve long term health goals by creating individual nutritional and lifestyle plans.

We believe that one size does not fit all, therefore, we use our training, knowledge and experience to create bespoke programs for each individual client.

Beoga Nutrition was founded by Jenny White and Linda Murray who are both registered members of the Nutritional Therapists Association of Ireland. They have a combined experience of almost 20 years in the nutrition and wellness field.