Bowe Consulting Engineers was founded by Ivor Bowe in 2004. As a firm of consulting engineers, we share an important role in helping to improve the quality of the built environment and to ensure that development is undertaken a way that enhances communities an the environment. As socially driven professionals we want to improve the quality of life out in the Community, we do this by combining science based technologies with social insight.



Structural Engineers are highly trained professionals who work with Architects and Surveyors to ensure that whatever we are building can sustain loads and stresses it will have to bear.


Civil Engineers consultants are responsible for a broad range of design solutions which include the reduction of pollution, design of waste management and recycling strategies, defending the coast from erosion and reusing building materials in our roads.


The practice has extensive experience in both public and private sectors across a broad range of projects including commercial, residential , industrial and institutional developments. Special expertise has also been gained in refurbishment of heritage building and also the management of health and safe during the design process.