Coal, Solid Fuel & Gas Bottle Sales

Dunnes Coal provides quality fuels and excellent service with deliveries throughout Carlow & Laois. For reliable suppliers of

•Solid Fuel
•Smokeless Fuels
•Firewood Logs
•Stove Fuel
•Wood Briquettes
•Turf Briquettes
•Eco-friendly fuels
•Gas bottles
•Home Heating Oil (Kerosene)

Visit our premises if you would prefer to collect your coal or solid fuel supplies. We have a fully covered yard to ensure our fuels are dry and optimally supplied.

Diesel for Cars and Agricultural Vehicles

Dunnes Coal supplies diesel for cars and agricultural vehicles:

  • Road Diesel for cars – also known as Auto Diesel, White Diesel or DERV
  • Agri-Diesel – Marked Gas Oil (MGO), also known as Green Diesel