About INNOVU Insurance

INNOVU Insurance is thoroughly Irish-owned and one of the largest and most progressive insurance brokers in the country. We specialise in the delivery of market leading solutions for our customers, through the innovative use of technology and close collaboration with insurers.

With over 83 years of combined insurance experience, we offer business, personal, and financial insurance solutions, protecting what matters most, to the people who matter to us – our customers.

At INNOVU Insurance, we do our utmost to provide the very best in customer service, niche insurance solutions, and expert advice. We do this through carefully chosen partnerships with industry leading brokers, who share our vision for ethics, culture, and ambition to grow and innovate.

Our Story

Built on a strong foundation of insurance industry experience, to date, we have brought together two leading insurance brokers.

Sheridan Insurances

In February 2019, INNOVU Insurance acquired Sheridan Insurances. Established in 1964, Sheridan Insurances established itself as a dominant insurance broker in the industry. Focused on corporate, SME, and personal customers, Sheridan Insurances held a strong presence, with offices located in Dublin, Kilkenny, and Wexford.

Wexford Insurance

In December 2019, Wexford Insurances, a significant equestrian insurance brokerage, was acquired by the INNOVU group. In addition to its specialist equestrian business, Wexford Insurances services the corporate, SME and personal insurance markets, further enhancing the specialist and expert solutions offered by INNOVU Insurance.

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