“The name over that door in Tullow is known as far away as Alaska and what used to be known in the days of Robert W Service as the lonely Yukon Trail. And once, for an American on holiday in Ireland, the house of Johnson made two suits in three days. Yet this is not, by no means, the shoddy world of haste and the machine.” Hands 8: The Tailor.

Like their fathers before them, Michael and Robin Johnson work side by side in their tailor shop, outfitting customers from all over the world in handmade suits that make men look like kings. In this way their craft has been passed through six generations, each one striving to enhance the time-honoured skills of bespoke tailoring.

Johnson Tailor creates suits and clothing that stand the test of time. For over 150 years Johnson Tailor has passed from the nimble hands of father to the dexterous hands of son. Back in 1867 this journey began with the pioneering Mr. Johnson who started his tailoring business in this same premises. Specialty skills and lifetimes of knowledge have accumulated over six generations. From these roots to the present day, such vast experience has resulted in a particularly rare expertise. Johnson Tailor has featured in numerous articles and documentaries over the years, including the classic documentary Hands. A recent appearance on In Good Hands also rekindled the interest of a wider public. But many have admired and respected the Johnsons’ work for years, including President of Ireland Michael D Higgins, who commissioned suits for his historic visit to Britain to meet Queen Elizabeth II in 2104.

“I first sighted Michael and Robin Johnson through their shop window on Bridge Street, Tullow, County Carlow, sitting on their benches, needles busy. Initially I thought that it was a lifelike mockup for a forthcoming stage production of Eric Cross’s The Tailor and Ansty but on closer inspection this creative wonder was playing out before my very eyes. I entered this hallowed workshop and immediately ordered a pair of tweed trousers. They were so good that I ordered a second pair and now they accompany me throughout my travels to the west of Ireland and farther afield. Customers in a bar in St. Petersburg, Russia, admired the texture of the fabric and the fineness of the tailoring. For a unique understanding of client needs and excelling in their delivery, Johnson Tailors are unequaled in Ireland.
Goodbye to Louis Copeland, Farewell to Saville Row, If sartorial elegance is a must, To Johnsons you must go.”

— William Mundo, Inishbofin Island, County Galway