Kilkenny Free Range is a 12-acre farm in Shellumsrath, Co. Kilkenny. The farm is run by Mary and Tony Walsh who’ve been producing free range poultry for close to fifteen years. Our main products are goose and duck.

Our business is built around quality for the consumer, and to acheive that we focus on quality of life for all of the birds we rear.

In recent years we have reared a small number of free range Ducks and Geese, and also produced free range hen eggs for our own use. What started out as a hobby is now a small family business, and we are now a member of the Kilkenny Food Trail. This is a Kilkenny project launched to provide awareness of the local food producers, local restaurants and food outlets around the county.

The participants in the trail are passionate about food and about food on its journey from the local producer to the table of the customer.

We are happy to receive visitors by appointment. Please contact us to arrange a visit!