We are Lynsey & Collette, the co- founders of LC Aromas. We are sister in laws and also best friends for the last twenty years.

We have always had a great love for candles but we could never seem to find the perfect one. Majority of the time we would find a beautiful candle jar but the candle fragrance wouldn’t be to our liking, or we would find a candle with a fablous scent but the candle jar wouldn’t suit our home decor. Our biggest concern was we couldn’t find candles that were both non toxic and beautifully fragranced. The natural candles we found were often fragranced with essential oils which didnt offer the evocative scent we wanted.

This is where we came up with the idea for “YOU” to create your own luxurious gift.You pick the vessle, you pick the fragrance and we do the rest. During this brain storming session we also felt that the Infinity sign was the perfect logo for us. The figure 8 symbolises creation and Infinity symbolises eternal friendship, it was a perfect fit.

Our website went live two days before the covid 19 nationwide lockdown. It was such an uncertain time for everyone. We had to quickly change our plans from pop up shops, trade shows and meetings with stockists to online sales only and zoom meetings. This was exceptionally challenging for Collette, as she is the only person in history who can delete invoices and documents in seconds and email blank pages back to herself not once but every single time. We thank the Lord that Lynsey is more IT savvy.

Since March 2020 we have continued to successfully grow. To date (June ’21) we have four white label contracts and we have stockists in both Kilkenny and Cork.

We are very passionate about our work, we make very thoughtful, conscious and responsible decisions on a daily basis, from sourcing our raw materials and recyclable and reusable packaging.

We feel gifts and scents you surround yourself with should evoke feelings of confidence, calm and opulence. We hope you will join us on this journey of creation to turn home fragrance into a unique and inspiring experience.